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Our containers are delivered with tilt bed trailer. 


  • We need Flat, solid ground capable of supporting truck, trailer and container (NO RAIN SOAKED GROUND).

  • 120 feet straight ahead to pull out from under the container.

  • 15 feet minimum space width and clear space from ground to 16’ height.

  • No 90 degree or horseshoe bends in road leading to drop location.

  • At lease 40 feet roadway width when roadway curves are near fence lines.

If the driver says he/she cannot place the unit at the desired location a secondary drop location must be made available or the customer will be liable for freight to and from the delivery location.

DELIVERY TIME: We will do our best to let you know when your delivery will take place. Because of, weather, traffic, road work, unforeseen accidents or delays, as well as other deliveries we have scheduled we can not give you an exact time when we will be there. Please be available by phone the day of your delivery, Our driver will call you when he is at the yard loading your container with an estimated ETA. Make sure you have ample time to arrive at your property before the driver.  Stand By Time FEES: Are $75.00 per hour will apply if delivery of your container takes longer then 3/4 hour per container.

Viking Cargo Containers Inc

Address:  6003 W. Overland Rd.  Ste 203
Boise Idaho 83709 USA

Phone: 1-208-480-1088


Customer Service Days/Hours:
Mon - Fri / 8:30am - 6:30pm MST



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